Breakfast blueberry bakewell muffins

Last night i decided i would like to bake something so i did a little research and made the decision of making some blueberry bakewell muffins. I baked them this morning and had one for breakfast which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The ingredients you will need to bake these are as follows:

  1. 100g unsalted butter
  2. 140g golden caster sugar
  3. 2 large eggs
  4. 140g natural yogurt
  5. 1 tsp vanilla extract
  6. 1 tsp almond extract
  7. 2 tbsp
  8. milk 250g plain flour
  9. 2 tsp baking powder
  10. 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  11. 125g pack blueberries

Heat the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6 and place 12 muffin cases in a muffin tray. Then beat butter and sugar together until pale and creamy. Add the eggs and beat in for 1 min. Then mix in the yogurt, milk and the extracts. In a separate bowl combine the flour , bicarb and baking powder with 1/4 tsp of salt, then add this to wet ingredients and mix in. Now fold in the blueberries and add the mixture to the muffin cases. Bake for 5 mins then reduce the oven 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and bake for 15-18 mins until golden. If a skewer can come out clean then it is cooked all the way through.


Enjoy! 🙂



Films I’ve recently seen…

There are quite a few Tv series and films that i have been watching lately and i thought i would share them with you today since it has been absolutely ages since I last wrote on here. I do love writing but I think I just had so much on my plate these last few months and it isn’t until now, in the school half term holidays that I actually have time to sit down and spill out everything onto my computer.


I’m a very easy person to watch a film with because i will watch literally any genre of film and I’m not squeamish or one of those people that cries at every film even though i do have my moments…

Marvels Infinity war (no spoilers don’t worry)

Recently i watched infinity war in cinemas ( don’t worry I’m not going to spoil anything! ) and i really enjoyed it being the marvel geek that i am. If you’re a person that likes a bit of action with a great story line you should really try and get into the marvel films, although if you haven’t watched any of them then you will have to start from the beginning and watch the films in chronological order otherwise you will be completely lost and have no clue with what is happening.


I also recently watched Dunkirk after learning about it in History at school. If i’m being honest the film was a bit dry and didn’t really have much of a story line but it still spread the message of how horrible war was and the experiences that many men had to go through with. I think the only reason that it was given all the amazing reviews it was given was because it featured harry styles if i’m being truthful, although people are different and have different opinions.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is another film i was inspired to watch from a history lesson at school and even though it was 3 hours long i really enjoyed this film. It is a cross between a war/romantic/action film and i will admit, it made me cry from something that I’m not going to spoil for you in case you haven’t already seen it.

La La Land

Yesterday , me and my mom were looking through Netflix for a film to watch and decided that we would watch this since we both love musicals and films with tap dancing (having both done tap dancing lessons before) . I had no idea what to expect from this film and all i knew was that it starred Emma Stone who i had seen before playing Gwen in Spiderman (another great film). I can now tell you it is a brilliant film with a great story and me and my mom both thoroughly enjoyed it (even though we perhaps would have liked to see a bit more tap dancing).


Favourite flavours

Ice cream

When i was younger my favourite flavour of ice cream was either strawberry or vanilla (adventurous i know) but as i’ve grown up my tastebuds have changed and i discovered when i went to sorrento in italy that my favourite flavour of ice cream is pistachio. The ice cream in italy is delicious anyway but this flavour just stood out for me and i have loved it ever since. I also really like mint ice cream but that comes from having mint vienetta as a kid.

Image result for pistachio ice cream


I love love love aftereights ,which is dark chocolate with a mint cream on the inside and i l love cadbury’s milk chocolate even though i can’t have too much as it can make me feel sick. However an unusual chocolate that my mom only recently introduced to me is lindt dark chocolate and blueberry. I’m not a very big fan of dark chocolate on its own but i love the taste of it with mint (after eights) or with different flavours (blueberry) as i find the flavours compliment eachother more rather than if they were with milk chocolate.

Image result for after eights


My favourite cuisine is definitely the italian cuisine and that’s not just because i’ve been four times its because i love their dishes such as gnocchi and arancini. I also love the flavours of the fruit as they stand out (especially in the lemons and the tomatoes which have so much flavour packed inside of them)


I think my favourite takeaway would have to be curry and not just the ones from the takeaway, the healthier ones i make at home are delicious too because it is the spices and flavours that i love. My favourite curry is probably this medium spiced fish curry that my grandad made once but all of his sauces for anything are amazing anyway so any one of his curries would suit me fine. I also love love love samosa’s and naan bread and i feel all the different types of food from india all have so much flavour with each bite and make you just want to eat more and more.

Image result for indian food


This might just be because we rarely have it but i absolutely love turkey. I think it has so much more flavour than chicken or pork and i love having stuffing and cranberry sauce with it. I know i sound weird but i seriously have this strange passion for turkey that i just can’t explain. Anyone else the same?


My favourite smoothie would have to be banana with some cinnamon and vanilla. I prefer this to any of the other smoothies because unlike strawberry or raspberry smoothies, there are no seeds or bits (which im not very keen on) and it ends up really creamy and smooth which is basically a healthy milkshake and more of what i like.

Image result for banana smoothie

A very busy body…busying away…



Realising the truth

I’m sorry to drag you into the spotlight here lovelaurenellen but after reading one of your recent blog posts you have made me realise that the reason why i have recently had a big gap in my posts is because I was writing posts in ways i thought would hit publicity when really they were just posts the same as all the others that probably left people bored reading halfway through and because they were the same as all the others and not my unique style i was struggling to find things to write, so i stopped . If i want people to like my blog posts i need to write things that are unique because they’ve come from me. I want people to like my blog posts because they like my personality , and then if they don’t like it then they can find another blogger out their in the world who has a personality they like. From now you’ll see me posting regularly and they will be posts about how I truly feel about things and posts about things i love. You can probably expect a lot of things about food and a lot of creative things. From now on i am looking at blogging through a new pair of eyes.

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Crisis… I need your help!

Hello, my birthday is approaching next week and I didn’t leave myself very much time to organise something with my friends. I was considering quite a few things but i have decided on a simple house party with a big bunch of girls, a buffet and a few games. However , it is the games part I’m stuck on as we’re a bunch of teenagers so it’s not like we’re going to want to play pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey. I suggested some eating and drinking (non alcoholic don’t worry) competitions but as my dad said it can get quite messy and usually ends up with people being sick. This is the part where i need to ask you for advice. I was thinking of going with a woodland theme and it is a possibility that we will have a fire in the garden so we can sit round it and toast marshmallows. So any ideas? Please feel free to comment some suggestions even if you’re not too sure if it’s the right thing please still put it as it could be an idea i absolutely love.

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The beginning of a whole new year

Hello, it’s officially 2018 and I’m sure there are many ups and downs to come from this year. To try and reduce the amount of downs I thought i would set some new year resolutions for myself so i can hopefully stay on track this year.

My first resolution is to be more organised. Not just to generally be organised but to keep on track of dates that events are happening on so it’s not a shock surprise when i find out that i have to suddenly pack for a weekend away. Also, I need to be more organised with friends and families presents so that it’s not a case of last minute running around a shop.

My second resolution is to have more thought about money. Not that I’m a reckless spender anyway because I’m not, but I just want to make sure i have enough money for the essentials I might need to buy and make sure i have enough so i can buy a decent present for someone on their birthday. Also, i’m going to make sure i keep adding to my savings account.

My third resolution is to make sure i eat a substantial amount of the right food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’re supposed to eat like a king at breakfast , a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner, I however do it the complete opposite way so I’m going to make sure i eat a wholesome breakfast that will keep my energy up till lunch, and then a slightly smaller but still wholesome lunch that will last till dinner.

My final resolution is to stand up for myself more in certain situations and just generally enjoy 2018.

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Countdown to Christmas

Hello , I’m so sorry for not posting or being active for so long as I had a very busy November but I’m back and i thought, since it is the 1st today, i would write something about Christmas and December.

I love winter almost as much as i love autumn as every day i wake up to a crisp morning with a bright sun and a refreshing atmosphere. However, it is soooooo cold and walking to school i lose all the feeling in my toes.

Another reason i love December is because you can finally begin the countdown to Christmas (24 days!) and decorate the house with all sorts of sparkly, festive things. Also, i feel like it brings the family together as you find yourselves going to more markets or food festivals wrapped up snug in 20 layers (maybe a bit of an exaggeration).

Even though I do love this time of year it can become very stressful buying friends and family presents and actually coming up with ideas of what you ask people for . Obviously as I’m getting older it’s getting so hard to think of ideas of what i want. When you’re younger you can look through a catalogue and choose a toy out of it but it’s not like i can do that anymore . Are you struggling with coming up with ideas? Or have you got any ideas of what i can ask people for?

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How to relax …

Hello, it’s Thursday and I’m really sorry because it has been a while since I last posted but I thought today I would give you some tips on how to relax and zone out after a busy, stressful day.

We all have those days where we’ve undergone a lot of stress and we just want to be on our own and have time to think to ourselves. Below are some tips on how I my self like to relax and hopefully it will help you too …

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water and squeeze in a dollop of body lotion to create a warm, bubbly bath. On the side light a few candles or if you don’t want real ones you can use a few battery ones as they still give off a soothing vibe. I like to have a really deep bath, turn off all the lights and just have the candles on whilst reading my book (careful not to drop it in ) this helps me cancel everything else in the world out and just get lost in my book.
  2. Another thing i like to do is lie in my bed and wrap my self up in the duvet and a blanket while watching one of my favourite films. To make things even more cosier i close my blinds, shut the door and have my fairy lights on in the background.
  3. Hot chocolate or pumpkin spiced late’s are the secrets to a mind at ease and they just make my whole body warm up and feel cosy and happy. They are like little mugs of joy and if you hover your face over it and let the steam drift up to your face it feels like all the stress is just being sucked out of you and you can properly drift into thoughts or zone out.
  4. Now I know this may sound weird but watching food programs makes me feel all fuzzy inside and eating any of my favourite comfort meals like spag bol or lasagne or curry because they are meals you can combine altogether , there aren’t separate random foods on a plate they all just mix together and warm me up.

To me being relaxed is to be able to do something for a long time without being bored and to not have to think about anything else in the world.

Hopefully these will help you out for any time in the future x

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Pumpkin floatilla event

Hello, it’s Saturday and last night me, my sister, my brother, my sister in law and my mom and stepdad all went to the pumpkin floatilla event in Sarehole mill as i explained in one of my previous posts. What we had to do was we had to carve a pumpkin and then set it on a float around the lake and watch them all pass but that wasn’t all of what we did. We could have hot chocolate and melt marshmallows on the bonfire and there was even a spooky mill tour.


We were on the schedule that had hot chocolate and melted marshmallows first so as soon as we had given in our pumpkin we went straight to the tiny little cafe area and got our hot chocolate and marshmallows, then we walked over to the bonfire and started melting them till they were brown on the outside but warm and gooey on the inside.


After that , we were due to be watching the pumpkins so we got to follow a cutely lit path and stand on the bridge watching them float past. It was really therapeutic and really nice to see.We stayed there for a bit as we weren’t due for the spooky mill tour for a while so then we headed back to the fire.


It was now 8:40 and our turn to go on the spooky mill tour where we got to go inside the mill and actors told us stories of either how they died or how the mill was a dangerous place. Once that was over we headed back in the taxi reflecting on the great evening we had had.


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A beginning to the woolly hats and scarfs…

Hello, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve noticed that the temperature is rapidly dropping. I’m one of those people that really feels the cold and wears a onesie in summer so I am definitely going to have to pile up loads of blankets on my bed at night and then when travelling out and about wrap a thick scarf round my neck, shove a beanie on and squeeze my hands into some gloves topping it all off with my thick coat , which was worn in summer anyway.

I imagine many people like myself would worry that they look silly with all the different layers on and wonder how people they see walking the street pull out a stylish look whilst still being warm and then they themselves look like a marshmallow. So do not fear I have a few tips on how to stay stylish without freezing to death…

  1. I usually can’t feel my toes when it’s cold so you can wear thick socks and then hide them with some sleek, high-street boots. You can never go wrong with some classy little boots easily found in simple shops like primark.
  2. As far as colours go you can keep your gloves, scarf and hat the same colour and go for quite a bright colour and then your coat can be a nice neutral, base colour and then the fashion police won’t be after you but you’ll still be nice and toasty
  3. Finally, if you’re worried that wearing lots of layers will make you look like a marshmallow then instead of wearing lots of layers of jumpers and thick clothing, wear a long sleeved vest underneath your normal top or jumper and then you can hardly notice.

I really hope these tips helped you a little bit if you were feeling insecure leading to you feeling frozen.

A very busy body…busying away…